Who We Are...

Habby is not just a new eCommerce platform that combines the convenience of online shopping with the confidence of experiencing products in a physical showroom, it’s an entirely new way for customers, designers and retailers to come together to create an ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Customers are directed to venues in their local area where they can experience our products firsthand. They can touch the material, feel the weight of the product, get an accurate look at the size, color and shape of it and then when they’re ready, they can buy it in real-time through our website or app.

With Habby, local venues like hotels, restaurants and cafés become showrooms and their design expenses can be transformed into a painless source of new revenue, without the headaches of having to sell their products, process payments, provide customer service or manage returns. Venues automatically get a commission on every sale.

But the benefit doesn’t stop there. Habby also gives a commission to the interior designer who whose work is on display at that local venue. Habby becomes not only an additional revenue stream for interior designewrs on commissioned work they’ve already done, but our online presence becomes a new way for them to showcase their talent and connect directly with consumers who love their style.

Any customer can sign up to become a Habby affiliate, and when they share their personal QR code with friends and family who buy products with us, that person also gets a commission. It’s an exciting way to find people who love Habby and reward their enthusiasm while they are helping Habby to grow.

This is an entirely new retail model that blends the best of online shopping with the benefits of a brick and mortar showroom. It brings together designers, clients and customers together into a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone wins.

We call it Habby. And it’s going to change everything.