The Vintage Elms of Penn State Print

The Vintage Elms of Penn State Print



Every Penn Stater has walked beneath the majestic branches of the Penn State Main Campus Elms. 

Penn State planted its first 300 American Elm trees in the late 1890s. Noted for it's strength and hardiness, the American elm can withstand winter temperatures as low as −42 °C.

Over the past 130 years, more than 100 trees have fallen, due to storm or disease. When removed, those elms are replaced with a different species of tree that the university has stated will grow to the height and spread of the elm trees.

But the original elms are not a total loss.  In 2008, the University came to an agreement to preserve the wood from the fallen elms. The nearly 130-year old-wood is transformed into a special keepsake for Penn Staters everywhere.


Shown in Hyatt Place State College. Framed size 23" x 43".

Available in one size, 19" x 39" with an option to frame.

All framed pieces will have white matting and 1/14" black block framing.

Overall 39'' W * 19 '' D * '' H
Weight (lbs)

USPS Small

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